The student from Zombie Island a readersFavorite review

My review:

This book talks about a boy who is afraid of the new kid that is coming to school. His called Bust them up Bill. With a name like that one can only assume that he is a menace to society. Thus the rumors start and all the students spend their time telling tales of his wickedness, while they themselves and those who listen grow afraid of the new kid. Mind you, they have never seen the boy, still their gossip continues to plague the school grounds while they grow wary of the day he will start school.

This is a great and easy read, witty at moments and very well written. It was a pleasure for me the adult and kept my grandkids glued to the pages. Beautiful bright colors and well-drawn pictures are present on each page. I wouldn’t be surprise if this book becomes a favorite of many children and their parents. It gives a great opportunity to teach our children that gossip isn’t good. Also that they need to meet people and let them prove themselves before they say anything about them.

My 7 year old grandson’s review

This book was really funny. A boy heard about a new kid that is coming to school. His name is Bust them up Bill. All the student are afraid of him because of his name. The boy in the story keeps hearing other kids say that Bust them up Bill is a bad kid. They say he is green, and plays mean tricks on the teacher. They never saw him before, yet they keep saying bad things about him. It is so bad that they don’t want the new kid at school.

I like the colors and the drawings, they are good and fun. It was fun reading this book.


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