Three for Avadar by Steven R. Drennon

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The writing in Three for Avadar is simple and should be understood by anyone with basic English reading skills. The tale hasn’t been overused and the author did a good job with the theme. It has some repetition in it, yet not enough to make the book tiresome. A good editor should be able to clean and tidy it up easily into a great story.

The story starts with a handsome and very experienced warrior who comes upon a woman and her two escorts who are under attack by highwaymen.

Ariadne is the name of the woman, and Bengar the warrior true. After he saves her from capture, she convinces him to take her to her kingdom where her father will pay handsomely for his services. He accepts since he is going there anyway. In the next town, they enter a tavern, which was a bad idea since the girl stands out and many man are ready to kill Bengar to get to her. They find a new ally who helps them overcome that problem. Now Mahri, a young sorcerer from another race, is running with them. The three are going to Avadar for different reasons, but the battle they must win will tax then to new heights and their destiny will bring them together at the end.

I congratulate the author for writing a tactful sex scene, that adds instead of distracting from the story. There is also no bad language, well done. I recommend this book to readers from young adults to adults alike.


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