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K.D. Ferguson, where were you born?

I was born in a small city in upstate NY, named Oneonta.

 What the most difficult thing being an author? -The most difficult thing about being an author is finding and marketing towards my target audience.  I have tried numerous different tactics to gain readers, and to date that has been the biggest challenge, spreading the love of my work.

 Who has made the greatest difference for you as a writer? -I would have to say my high school English Teacher.  She really pushed me (way back when) when  I attended school.  And now, hearing hear critique’s as an adult is truly gratifying.

 Who or what inspired you to write this book? -It was a challenge that I set for myself.  I personally had situations that influenced the story line or people close to had inspired my writing.  I wanted my books to feel real and very present.

What is the name of your new book? –  My latest release is the third installment in my trilogy and it is titled, Tattered Altered Love.

Tell us about it.


What if you had the chance to change the future, would you take it regardless of the cost? Could you find the strength to overthrow a corrupt government that filled your life, and the lives of countless others, with lies and sadness?

Krissa Channing seemed to be a Headquarters prodigy, on track for a successful pairing and a lifetime of living by government standards. But her destiny was far more than that which was mapped out for her. Upon the discovery of an underground revolution, Krissa is thrown into a world she never knew existed. The devastating losses she has endured have placed her in the position to help lead the movement.

The glittering future offered by the takeover seems to be bright, but how much of the life she once knew is Krissa willing to sacrifice?

– The main character, Krissa, has always viewed herself as a Heaquarter’s girl.  She planned to pick a career/unit and find a mate to pair with for the rest of her life.  But her life is thrown off course when she falls in love with Braiden, a boy who has numerous reasons to defy the government.  A forced pairing results in his disappearance and when he returns he opens Krissa’s eyes to another side of the government that was dark and corrupt and world she never knew existed.  The struggles she faces in book three are loss and how to bear the heavy weight on her shoulders of helping to lead a revolution against the government.

What genre does your book fall under? Young Adult (I recommend older teens picking up my books as they do contain  mature material.)

My books fall into the category of dystopian and romance.

What other books would your work be compared to?  If you’ve read the Divergent series, the Matched series, the Hunger game series, the Legend or the Shatter me series, I think you’ll enjoy my books.

What kind of impacts do you want your works to have in your readers lives?I want my readers to know there’s more than what meets the eye.  In book one I know that my main male character is not likable and the relationship that Krissa and Braiden have is complicated messy and at times dangerous.  But throughout the story line you unravel why they are the way that they are.  It simply goes back to the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Is your book self published or represented with an agency? My books have been published with the amazing agency, Anchor Group Publishing and you can find them here:

Excerpt from book2 Tore Divided Love

“Success is only for those who operate under Headquarters’ commands.  Have you thought about what others have gone through since they have been exiled?  And yes, you’ve been given so much, but how much have you given up?  They were going to rip all of your dreams away simply because you weren’t paired.  It’s bad, really bad, for a lot of folks out there.  Have you seen the Sweeper unit, aside from what our government has shown you?  You did everything right during your life, and one mistake, one misstep, and they would have crushed all of your dreams.  You would have been shunned by our society and sent to the Sweeper unit, and only been given the bare minimum all because you wouldn’t provide the life that our government demands.

“We need order, yes. But we also need freedom – the right to choose our own future.  We constantly evolve as individuals.  Who’s to say five, ten, fifty years from now you will want the same things?  You can’t tell me you are the same girl you were two years ago.”

I wasn’t.  But was that because of the restrictions Headquarters had placed on me or because of everything this man’s son had put me through?

Book 3 Excerpt of Tattered Altered Love

I never wanted any of this. I always thought I’d be a Headquarters girl. I knew we were controlled and given limited choices, but it made sense to me. I accepted the house, the car, and the limited television, movie and music choices. I even accepted the inadequate information regarding our country’s history. And then, in such a short time, Braiden changed everything. Everything I knew about love, life and myself. I never expected to be here in the position that I was, but I accepted it. I just wish that he was by my side. And if I couldn’t’ have him along side of me, at the very least I wish he were still alive.


Author’s Bio:

K.D. Ferguson received an associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology and earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science from the State University of Oneonta. She moved away from her hometown, Oneonta, NY, upon graduation and moved to Concord, North Carolina with her husband where she pursued a career in the retail world. Several years later, feeling unsatisfied in her career, Kristen dove head first into writing her first book. She is the author of The Love series and can usually be found with an iced coffee in one hand and a pen in the other.

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