The ABC’s of great writing

a) You need to have a setting where your story takes place.
It could be dangerous, new, cool, different, a wonder in itself world.
b) You need characters.
Their personalities might be: delightful, lovable, scary, powerful, and/or interesting.
c) Have a problem.
Some examples are: compelling situations, a threat, a mystery, and/or big dilemma.
d) A gripping plot is essential.
For this you will need conflicts, surprises, suspense, and different turns of events. Example:

e) Finally you will need text, which is the glue that keeps it all together.
It has to be vivid, full of strategies, and different techniques.
Remember that the main idea will be composed of many other smaller ideas to accomplish the right result. Where will you get these ideas?
From real life, other books, from people, history, religions, etc.
Books are created to entertain, to move and give the reader emotions.
Suspense, wonder, curiosity, sympathy, surprise, humor, insight, consolation all should be part of your story.
When you have all the elements described above you are ready to write your draft.
Now go, and happy writings to you…

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