The Star Prophecy by Joan Sowards, Another view on the Christmas story .

What can you expect when you have a young man named Enoch who lives in a city called Zarahemla and has a dream of crossing the world to see the Messiah in person?

I would have to say that you get an inspiring story full of faith, love and persistence like The Star Prophesy.

Enoch is the older sibling of two brothers who live with their uncle Joshua after their parents died. Once his uncle was a faithful man, a teacher, and leader in his religion. Now, after years, he has turned into a drunken fool and Enoch can’t count on him to give a good example to his little brother Zenos.

He, being the elder brother, helps Zenos grow up as close to the teachings of their faith as is possible. The problem is that Enoch has a dream or so everyone tells him. He knows the signs predicting the coming of the Lord are at hand and he wants to sail all the way to Jerusalem to meet the Christ Child. It shouldn’t be hard you say… well that could be if you lived on the same continent where the Savior will be born.

Enoch ancestors, however, were taken by the hand of the Lord from Jerusalem about 600 years before to a new land far across the ocean. Now they are the inhabitants of the Americas and no one has ever thought of going back to their native country.

With all these things against him, Enoch convinces two people to help him. One builds a ship big enough to cross the unforgiving deep waters, and the other to help him steer the ship. But when he finds a stowaway and a teacher he feels that they just might make it.

It is an inspirational novel, good for young and adults alike. The adventure is coupled with history in such a way that will make it stand out as a new favorite Christmas story. “With God Nothing is Impossible, not even our dreams.”


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