How to interview and be interviewed.

To be interviewed is quite easy and fun. You need to follow some rules and you’ll soon see yourself everywhere.
  1. Always  follow them before you ask for an interview or hope to be interviewed.
  2. Have a guest on your blog or be a guest on someone else’s blog. You can always find an author or someone extraordinary to interview. Especially consider those with lots of followers.
  3. Don’t know what to ask? Follow people relevant to what you want to promote, i.e. if you promote books befriend authors and readers, if it is cars do the same with mechanics, etc.
  4. Where? facebook, twitter, relevant sites and forums.
  5. Why? You can see their interviews and what works for them and try it yourself.
  6. Copy their questions and then make them relevant to the topic that fits your guest or yourself.
  7. When you have a list of questions, answer them according to your expertise or what you want to promote. Then when someone tells you they have never done an interview, you can tell them that you have one handy and you can send it to them.
  8. Some people struggle to find things to put on their blogs and they would love to have material ready to post.
  9. Be professional and double edit your interview.
  10. Remember to go to the site where the interview is being hosted and make sure you leave a comment that says how thankful you are for being a guest.
  11. Make sure you tweet the interview and put it on facebook with a live link, all that week and every so often after.
  12. Then during that week return to the relevant sites and make comments on the comments left there for you or the site host.
  13. Be polite, but funny. We all love a good laugh.

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