The Other Elizabeth By Karleen Bradford


Here is another great story from Karleen Bradford. It is as good as the other two I have read from her, although I found this one a bit slower paced than the others. It took me a bit longer to get immersed in the pages.

Elizabeth, a thirteen-year-old girl, is on a school trip to a ghost town commemorating a big battle the British and Americans fought. She isn’t very keen on the facts of when and why this battle happened, a fact that she later greatly regrets.

Elizabeth goes into what was once the tavern in the middle of the old ghost town, and something happens to her. One minute she is with her friends on a school trip and in the next she is Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frobish, in the old town just a month before the big battle.

Her brother’s in this time paradox has the occupation of carrying messages for the general, and she is afraid that he will be hurt and never come back. There is also something that lurks in the back of her head about this battle. It is necessary for her to remember and to tell the Frobish family, but she can’t. What was it that her teacher had said in the bus to the students about this battle?

As I have come to expect from Bradford, The Other Elizabeth, displays good writing and great research on the war between the American and British troops. It is also a tasteful view of a dreadful time in our history. Welcome to a well-done clean story of time travel that will delight pre-teens and adults alike.



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