Animaia by Lee Rogers


This book contains a very new concept for a story: certain people talk with animals by means of special telekinesis powers. This power sets them apart from the majority of the citizens who don’t have this power. As always, the different guy becomes the heart or the hero of the story and in this case so it is with Arno. Not everyone in his birthplace can talk to animals and of those who do, most can only talk to one type of animal, maybe two, but in this story Arno, talks to many animals.

That is unheard of, and Arno doesn’t want anyone to know that he can. Yet the cat comes out of the bag when he saves his best friend from being eaten by a giant boa. Some bystanders use their phones to pass videos of the miraculous event along. Now things are changing in his life, even the head of the elite training school takes a personal interest in him. What is going to happen with his friends and football when he enters the prestigious academy? This doesn’t matter to his parents who both want him in that school. He, however, isn’t quite sure he wants to pursue this gift.

Arnos soon finds out that school isn’t as bad as he thought; he even gets to have his friends there. All is peachy until he discovers that there is a mysterious plot brewing on his world, and this can mean only one thing—problems between human and animals.

Animaia is a great read, although it feels a bit slow at times. More dialogue would resolve that problem. It is interesting. I found no editing problems in it. It could be very well received by teen of all ages and adults alike.


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