Chop, Chop by Leeann Cronk


This is a great book for teens and young adults alike. It portrays a coming of age saga for young men. Girls will enjoy getting into the minds of the opposite gender. It is a well-written book with not only insights to what motivates a boy, but also the pain of great loss and how our human mind works.

David is ready for his first day of Jr. High when he meets the new boy in the city. Greg is a great talker and has a wonderful family that includes his younger sister, Charlotte. Greg’s father, a teacher in High school, decides to form a youth group including David, his best friend Lacy, and two others friends. Life goes well for them until Greg and Lacy become close and finally David takes notice. They square things out and life continues for all of them.

One day as seniors in High School, the students have a scare as shots are heard in a classroom and their lives change forever. After the episode is over, the police arrest a young man and David is never the same again. His parents and friends don’t know how to help him, after he leaves them all behind to start college.

This book posses a great insight into the lives of young men and women. It is clean, lively, and full of characters that the young people will connect to. It is a must have in homes, Junior and Senior High schools’ libraries. It teaches compassion, forgiveness, and newfound love through its pages. You feel good after you finish this book. Over all a great book.


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