Whitechapel The Last Stand of Sherlock Holmes by Bernard J Schaffer

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I love Sherlock Holmes mysteries and I looked forward to reading Whitechapel by Bernard J. Schaffer. However, I was very disappointed as I read his version of Holms in this book. In thirteen chapters Sherlock Holmes was in it only twice and then only for a very short while. Most of the book was dedicated to what I will call Erotica. The very disturbed mind of the killer who seems to go about butchering prostitutes during the night is explicitly exposed with the most meticulous precision. However, Mr. Schaffer spends most of his time telling us in very descriptive detail the exact spot and how deep Jack the Ripper likes to cut women open and how entertained he was by the inside of women’s bodies. Also, how he and his friend like to go about masturbating or having oral sex with each other. Schaffer left nothing to the imagination, converting this book into a Horror Erotica. It is too gruesome to describe in this review.

Doctor Watson tells the story that is mingled with pieces of other cases he and Holmes have worked on before. At this time, Doctor Watson is engaged to Mary and Sherlock Holmes is trying to break his cocaine addiction with Watson’s help.

This could have been a great tale of the greatest mastermind detective of all time, but Schaffer turned it into a blood bath full of four letter words. Holmes’ intuition and talent are seldom depicted throughout the tale. Schaffer respects no one in this book. For example: Inspector Lastrade, according to this author, is a man who takes favors with prostitutes and swears a lot throughout the story. So did all his colleagues on the police force. It became tedious and insulting to me. This is a kinky adult book.


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