Ta Ta For Now by Bethany Lopez

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This is a witty and entertaining book made up of entries in a diary. It is written by a fourteen-year-old girl named Melissa. It depicts her life after she is given a diary by her twelve-year-old sister, Megan, right before she starts her first year in High School. The writing is that of a fourteen-year-old, full of drama, sarcasm and sprinkled with great humor.

Melissa is happy that her body finally is looking like that of a teenage girl. She is sure she will knock Brian Jackson’s socks off. He’s the boy she has a crush on. She finally gets her wish when he asks her to go to the movies with him. Soon he invites her to the prom. On that date, he drank too much and becomes rude to her. It breaks her heart until he apologizes and they make up.

All went perfect until her new best friend Layla becomes a horrible monster around Melissa. She makes up the most awful lies about her and Bryan being together after he left her alone at the prom. Finally Melissa has enough so she punches Layla in the nose and gets suspended for it. Her parents are outraged over her conduct and forbid her to see Bryan again. Bryan, on the other hand, takes it so casually that she wonders if he really cares that she can’t see him anymore. Her suspicions worsen when he starts to hang out with Layla.

The author did a very good job staying in the voice of this teenager throughout the pages of this book. All pre-teen and teen girls will identify with and enjoy this book. It could fit any of their lives to a T. This book is clean and wholesome. There are some repetitions in it, but that could just be the way teenagers talk. Great job.


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