The Keya Quests The Battle for Shinenridge by Glenn Skinner


This is an interesting story. It is the second book in a series that starts as the protagonist(s) return from winning a war (or a battle.) It assumes that the reader knows what happens before, but throws in enough information here and there to make the book understandable by someone who has not read the previous one.

Keya is the real protagonist. She starts the story as a 20-year-old exceptional warrior who is accompanied by four or five of her fellow warriors that belong to her inner circle. They travel through a portal to a parallel dimension and are almost immediately embroiled in another battle with the same enemy. After this battle, the majority of the book describes the characters interactions with each other and with the townspeople where they are. This part feels somewhat like a soap opera to me.

The final portion of the story takes up the plot at a good pace and pulls the reader in. There are twists and turns and leaves the reader feeling good, although there is a definite lead into future books.

Is Keya a pixie, an elf, or a fairy, or all of the above? She is portrayed as the very best at everything she does, except acting childish and becoming very weak if she doesn’t eat. All of her inner circle seemed a bit inconsistent through the first two thirds of the book. Here they are victorious warriors, and best friends, but bickering like young children. The book needs a good editing to remove the misuse of pronouns that confound the reader and slow the story. It is a good clean tale that I recommend to readers from teens up. A good editing could make this a 5 star read.


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