The Orphan of Awkward Falls by Keith Graves


This is one of the most charming books I have read for a while. It has a Halloween-y feel to it and kids from 7 years old on will love it. It is written in an easy English, lightly witty and flowingly well done. It will be a refreshing read for all boys and girls who don’t get scared of their shadows. It has the most intriguing cover, a perfect picture of what you will find inside the pages of this book. Released just in time for Halloween, I recommend it as a “must have,” for every English speaking home.

Josephine, a 12-year-old only child, has just moved one more time in her young life. She is crabby and doesn’t want to be happy in their new home. She moved from a nice state in the USA to a small, lost town in the edge of Canada. To her bemusement, the town is known for its sauerkraut and the Asylum for the dangerously insane. Now what kind of combination is that?

Thaddeus lives alone in a huge mansion that has fallen into disrepair, for he has no parents and was raised by a robot. He happens to be Josephine’s new neighbor and unlikely friend.

Things get unusually weird as the man who killed Thaddeus’s grandfather escapes the asylum up the next hill. Mr. Stenchley is not only a most dangerous killer, but also a humpback cannibal with only one thought in his twisted mind…to see his beloved master, Thaddeus’ dead grandfather.

Between the authorities trying to recapture the killer and the genius Thaddeus getting to know the smart Josephine, you will find one of the most entertaining tales of all times. It is scary, yet not enough to cause nightmares. It is delightful reading for all children and parents alike. Excellent job!


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