Stone in the Meadow By Karleen Bradford

This time travel story is one of the best I have seen for awhile. An exiting and well developed tale that will spellbind you from beginning to end. It is well written, with great descriptions and likable characters.

Jenifer is visiting her uncle for the first time at a hundred year old family home in England. While exploring the county side she found a tall, lone and dark stone that seems to call on her. At first scared and latter with a growing need, she visit the stone frequently.

It didn’t take long for her to find that the cold stone shadow has a unsinkable power  … it transports her into the past to the same place, but way before her time. There, Jenifer meets Perran one of her ancestors and they become best friends. He take her all over the country side exploring and learning from the past.

Soon she figures out that the time travel only work when there is a shadow from the sun and that when is raining or overcast she can’t go to her new friend’s era.

One day while together, they decide to try and see if Perran could travel with her to her time, because he had tried on his own and nothing happened. They held hands and touched the stone as she has done many times and this time it worked…at least that is what they thought until Perran is taken as a slave and Jenifer to the priestess’ home.

This book has all the components for a great story and will be like from pre-teens up. A great job, though it threw me off when Jenifer asked her uncle to explain why he had said that she was Guinevere. (“But why do you say I was named after her?”) When actually there isn’t any place in the story that supports such claim. Beside that it is a great story.

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