Will she become the next victim?

Jennie Hansen, how long have you been writing? 

I’ve been writing since I was seven years old when my first little article was published in a farm magazine.

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Tell us where you were born and where do you live now.

I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and have lived in many Idaho and Montana communities.  My husband and I currently live near Salt Lake City, in Utah.

How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it?  

I don’t know.  I just write when an idea is persistent.

Who has made the greatest difference for you as a writer?

 My husband and children have been the greatest to give me space and encouragement to write. Two high school teachers took my desire to write seriously and gave me the tools to write- Don Williams and Vance Beckwith.

What is the name of your book?

By The River


Tell us more about it. Perhaps a back cover blurb. 

It was supposed to be a relaxing early morning run, but the path along the river trail quickly turns into the scene of a nightmare for recent college graduate Kira Paxton. An unintended exploration of a secluded riverbank leads to a gruesome discovery that sets her on a collision course with danger: it is the body of a young woman. In shock, all Kira can manage to do is scream . . . From the moment Ford Kettering hears the cries for help along the trail, he is drawn irrevocably into a mystery in which he plays a shocking role. Ford, a local high school teacher, had a recent classroom clash with the victim—now, he’s a person of interest. As Ford and Kira bond over their shared ordeal, they work together to prove Ford’s innocence—and soon, their attraction is undeniable. But it seems that Kira’s nightmare is far from over. What begins as a series of close calls and acts of vandalism soon escalates, putting Kira’s own life in jeopardy. It appears that Kira saw something that day along the trail, something that has made her a target. With Ford’s help, she is determined to track down the killer—before she becomes the next victim.

Is there a book trailer for your book?


Do you have a favorite character, why? 

Not really. I get attached to most of my characters.

What kind of impact do you expect your works to have in the reader’s lives?

For some just entertainment. Others will find a message of hope for family relationships, some will see that justice isn’t always just and that assumptions aren’t always correct.

Do you have any advice for authors trying to break into the industry? 

Read every day.  Write every day. Join a writers’ group and be part of a critique group. Study grammar, spelling, and books on writing technique.

What are your new years goals? 

Concentrate on writing reviews for Meridian Magazine.

Where can we find your book? 

Seagull Book  http://www.seagullbook.com/seagull/product/917285.html
Deseret Book http://www.deseretbook.com
 BYU Bookstore
most other book stores

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this interview. I love Jennie’s books and consider her one of my author friends. Looking forward to reading The River.

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