How to hook your reader

Get out your fishing pole, and I’ll give you the juiciest worm ever… but really: Many times you only have the first paragraph of a book to hook your reader into the story. If you fail to hook them, they won’t continue reading or buy your book. Does that mean your book is no good at all? No, it just means that you need to change the starting or move another scene to become your first paragraph. We now live in a time where knowledge is brought to us in microseconds. This has made us creatures that have to have the meat of everything first and then the veggies. So the hook is the worm. You have to put it first and make it fat and wiggly.
Also, you have to be careful when you start a book that you don’t give the wrong impression with what you use to begin.
For example: One of my books started with the heroine waking by the side of her husband. The scene was cozy and romantic in nature. Women love that start, but the romantic scene would have repelled the men I want to attract. My books have romance in them, but they are not romance books. Still I had my heart set on it until my hubby brought the problem to my attention two years after I wrote the book.
How did I change it? A very shortened version of a main battle from the previous book was repeated from the protagonist’s perspective.
How did I make it work? I have the heroine dream the whole scene that finished when her husband woke her. Then I continue with my story the way I wanted.
Let me take this opportunity to emphasize that you need to be flexible and open to accept that others may have a better idea without getting your feelings hurt. Many times two heads think better than one.
Now go, and happy writings to you…

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