Diary of a Part-Time Ghost by Vered Ehsani

This tale is a very good portrayal of a boy who can travel between two worlds to be able to protect one of his relatives. It is written in the first person, is light, and develops with a good pace. He is also witty and easy to like, as are the other characters in this book.

The protagonist, a fifteen-year-old young man named Ash, has to survive for at least one more day the threat of an evil shadow and the mysterious book he received for his birthday. He has a repetitious dream that is telling him what his future will bring and that there is no one who can help him.

“The dagger reached me first and plunged straight into my heart. The pain was overwhelming, and I was waiting to wake up, but I didn’t. Instead, I began to die. I felt my heart explode inside me, and my lungs stopped moving, but I didn’t lose consciousness for a few seconds. Instead, I wallowed in pain and in the knowledge that I was going to die and the shadow was laughing at me.”

This excerpt from the story shows you Ash’s predicament and the voice of the author. It reads just like a diary in a language that will permit the reader to identify with the characters. I recommend it to readers from 12 years old and up. This book is clean and entertaining. The author did a great job telling the story. It could use a light editing to make it even better.

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