The Sweetest Kiss Book One of the brothers of Worthington series. A Regency-set Romance By: Marie Higgins

Judith Faraday’s parents die in an accident without her having the chance to tell them about her engagement to an army officer. Now she has to go live with the Dowager Duchess of Kenbridge and her horrible son. She remembers well the times she spent there while growing up and how Lord Trey tortured her with his harmful pranks. She loathes him and now she was to travel with him to her new prison. No, she won’t if she can help it.

For his part, Lord Trey isn’t looking forward to planning the education of a young woman. At the same time, he promised his mother that he would help. He is a bachelor and has no plans to change that status; after all, his father admonished him to never get married. Now that he has seen Judith and stolen a kiss from her, he finds himself questioning his upbringing.

This is a clean book with a story that flows well. I recommend it to any Regency or romance readers.

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