This is a great story about health policies and an insurance adjuster who investigates the people who submit claims. The story is not new, but the twists shown by Gail take a refreshing point of view. The tale is well presented and the writing is easy to follow. I would have to say it is pleasantly done, clean, and intriguing.

This book relates the story of Pepper Bibeau, a war veteran become insurance adjuster. She has seen first hand what war can do to young men’s lives and has dealt with her own war scars. She is sent to Chicago to investigate a possible fraud involving a doctor and the policy of a family he has treated. Pepper also needs to look into the background of the Tuarence couple. It is a case where the woman was killed by her husband and drugs may have played a big role.

Pretty soon, she is in the middle of a murder case in which her best friend died, that could have been Pepper. This case brings with it a great looking Police officer, who was close to the victim. After a week in Chicago she is no closer to her decision on the two policy cases she was send to fix, nor the murderer of her friend. What she does have is a great headache and bruises that must count for something, but she doesn’t know what.

The tale is intriguing and twisting all he way to the end. This is a very nice story for adult lovers of murder mysteries and intricate plots. I enjoyed the reading and presentation of this book. It has a few misspellings and misused words.

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