Runaway Robot a DJ Benson Adventure by JA Davies

This is an excellent story for kids from eight to twelve years old that others will enjoy, too. It is easy to read and a great mix of an old-fashioned country family and a robot. The combination alone is very imaginative and J.A.’s writing did the rest. It is clean and fun, delivered from the young characters point of view, which helps ink in his personality. The characters are fun, real and very likable.

Daniel Benson’s Dad stood with him in the research and development section of the robotics factory they had inherited from Uncle Clive when he saw the robots for the first time. Yet, that was not the only thing they inherited from his uncle. In matter of days they were the wealthy owners of a mansion in Sydney, several businesses, and a rather large fortune. But it is the robots that change their quiet country lives when one was stolen with their only car, leaving the family stranded in town. Soon more than just stolen robots are happening in their out of the way, small town. People are doing really odd things, and no one knows why. People changing their minds and disappearing in a puff of air is only part of it. That is until DJ and his best friend Becky figure it all out.

The tale is part of a series called DJ Benson Adventures and is well written and entertaining. It is great reading for kids and adults alike. It would be a great asset to any school’s library or home bookshelf. I am quite sure the rest of the series will be worth checking out, too.

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