Birth of the Half Elves by H. L. Watson

This high fantasy tale is creative. Though elves are in it, it isn’t a copy of Lord of the Rings by any means. It is a fresh point of view about a race that is a favorite of many. This fantasy will take the reader to a new land where you will find battles, loyalty, traditions, and love.

Donovan is 12 years old when he and his best friend Akenji witness a slaver kill all the small children and men in his village. Their captors take him and all the young men in the area to be sold as slaves. They pass through a forest guarded by the wood elves. The elves kill the slavers and the elfin captain, a she-elf, decided to keep them and help them through the horror they had witnessed. The High Lord of the Wood Elves hates humans and begrudgingly let her train them in an outpost between humans and elves’ lands.

When Donovan is a young man, Princess Brandela goes to choose her handmaidens in preparation for her upcoming marriage. Instead she is taken by a huge group of slavers. After they free all the slaves except Brandela, for reasons of his own, Donovan goes after the slavers and finds the princess. He has set a daunting task before him, a task that may take his young life.

This short story or novelette, will be well received by all those who love elves, and young adults in general. It has a sex scene without going into great details. I found the scene very well done and congratulate the author for being tasteful. It could use a bit of editing to remove some of the repetition and head hopping in it. This isn’t a big problem in this tale, yet a small editing would really make it sparkle.

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