Butterfly Blink! A Book Without Words

Butterfly Blink! A Book Without Words by Karl Beckstrand

My review:

I have never seen a book without words before, especially for children. Butterfly Blink! A Book Without Words by Karl Bertrand is just that. It has colorful pictures on every page but you have to give meaning to the art there. There are so many possibilities that you could read the same book many times and change the story line each time.


If you ask me, I think that every page could be a different story but then I have been accused of a huge imagination before. Either way, I think that this book could be one of your favorites as a parent and your children’s favorite. You could even have your kids make up stories for you. Comprehension, vocabulary and many other skill needed in life could be learned and practiced with this book. It provides a win win situation for all involved. As such it can become a great tool for elementary teachers everywhere.

Great idea, Karl Berckstrand.

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