NaLee by Erin Sankey

Erin relates an interesting tale full of fantastic, fairytale marine creatures that come in contact with a young man after he moves to an island to live with his grandmother. The tale is quite unique and could become a great work of fiction. The details describing the island and its surroundings, near which these creatures live, are great. So is the becoming of age story with the teenage character. I enjoy the uniqueness of the story quite well. The cover is beautiful and represents what you will find inside the book.

Frances loses his parents at the same time, and his grandmother, that no one knew was still alive, comes to collect him. She takes him to live with her on an island. On this island he learns to cope with his loss and he becomes entranced with the place and the different species it holds.

As he discovers them, he can’t wait to spend time with them every day. Getting to see all there is around the island reveals a world he has never seen before, one that is too wondrous to leave. All goes from great to awesome and that is when he discovers that not all is well in paradise.

This is book one in a yet to be announced series. However, it is in need of a professional editor. The book doesn’t follow the basic rule that requires a new line every time you change to another character’s speech. Conversations are all in a massive mountain of words that many times make the reader wonder who is saying what. As it is, it confuses the reader by being too messy and overbearing. Proper editing will ensure that the presentation won’t slow down the tale.

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