A Living Hope for two souls intertwine with each other

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It was a match made in heaven. Or so everyone thought. Sadie Mae Cummings is all set to marry her childhood sweetheart, Kyle, when she is assigned to tutor Lincoln, the new college football running back. This sophomore phenomenon has all the girls on campus knocking on his door. But Sadie isn’t interested in his advances.

Lincoln’s overblown ego doesn’t take well to being shunned, and he resolves to make Sadie his own. He pursues her relentlessly, until finally Kyle finds himself shut out of Sadie’s life, with their shared future crumbling around him.

After two years, Sadie’s relationship with Lincoln ends, and she is left having to put the pieces of her life back together. She desires nothing more than to recapture her relationship with Kyle. He has stayed true to the dreams they had planned together, living the vision even without Sadie by his side.

When she moves back to her hometown, she labors to rekindle their love. But things have changed, and Kyle has moved on. Sadie quickly discovers how hard it is to rebuild burned bridges.

Follow Sadie’s story as she fights for a chance to restore broken dreams. Will love endure?

This inspirational romance by EC Jackson is book two of the Hope series and is a standalone book.


My Review:

In A Living Hope by E. C. Jackson readers will find faith in Gods plan for each of his children. The main characters are religious and faithful normal people that struggled to fallow what God has in store for them. A few verses from the Bible are quoted and use to illustrate what the character is learning or visioning as a message from God to them. It isn’t a preachy book at all and is a clean romance that will help you see yourself between the pages.

Sadie was engage to a wonderful young man and believe that they were pick by God to belong to each other…that is until she has to help a shallow student from flunking a class. The guy obsess with the attention he gets from the opposite sex decided to get Sadie just because she doesn’t care about him. When she abandoned her fiancé and family because of shame she stay with the guy and suffered much abuse from him that lasted two years. Finally she needs the support system of her family and she returned home right next door to her ex-fiancé. Now she want back in the relationship and have to struggled to get Kyle to see her as an adult with a different personality and strength than the confused girl he was engage to.

In all, I enjoyed A Living Hope by E. C. Jackson, for its entertainment and morals values. I would recommended to Adults as well as Young Adults the same. It could become a teaching tool for anyone who has fallen in love lately.

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