Farewell Season by Ann Herrick a readersfavorite.com review

Farewell Season is a very remarkable story that deals with grief and loss. It relates a heart-warming tale of coping with death and being alive that will touch not only young adults, but also many adults. Death is never easy for those who stay behind. In this book you will find the struggles of a young man on his road to acceptance and moving on. It covers a hard theme in a very well written manner and is thoughtfully done.

Eric is ready to start football practice right before his senior year. He should be overjoyed, but something isn’t right this year and he can’t put his finger on it. After he breaks up with the cutest girl at school, he knows something is off. His mother tries to make conversation with him, but usually he brushes her off. His best friend frequents his house every day and loves his sister’s food, so does he, yet, it isn’t that that has him worried. Football perhaps? Well his old coach is sick and can’t take on the training. So they get a new coach and he hasn’t liked Eric from the beginning. He can handle him—after all, his father has always been his number one supporter, cheerleader and overall personal coach. That is… until a drunk driver kills him.

I enjoyed the voice of the author in this tale, though I feel that the few swear words were unnecessary. I would recommend this book to all readers, young and old, who are grieving or know someone who is. Actually, it is a great resource for any home since death will touch everyone in the world at one time or another. I believe this story can be use to help grieving souls get past the hurt and continue on with their own lives. Great job.

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