Never Defeated: The Frigate Constitution a review

This is very interesting sea story of a frigate name Constitution. It is a very nice tale full of seamen’s talk and terms. I like the terminology and the way it is used in the story. It will give the reader the taste and smell of the sea breeze. It is vivid and realistic in all the right places.

It has been more than thirty years since the Declaration of Independence was signed and still English ships sail the sea about the USA. This isn’t sitting very well with those who fought so hard for their freedom. The frigate Constitution sails under Captain Hull. He is forced to exert his ship and its crew in the highest way to keep his ship from being seized by the Brits. Hull is a seaman by choice and lineage. He will not surrender his ship. His men feel the same way. They have many harrowing encounters with the British throughout the tale.

This is a great book for all those who are familiar with sailing lore. I think it was perhaps overused, which usually tends to slow down the tale. To me it felt forced at times and didn’t flow smoothly. It has some use of foul language that doesn’t add to the tale at all and I wonder why it is included. Also some of the phrases and usage of the language is too modern for the era this historical fiction claims to relate.

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