“The Miracle Mixer” by Theresa Nash a review

A readersfavorite.com review.

The Miracle Mixer is a really interesting, refreshing tale. It is well written and interestingly done. It has at least three different situations going on at the same time, but not in an intrusive way. The author did a great job keeping the reader interested in everything going on. I like the way the story is told and the role the character Reeshanna plays in it. She is lovable, naïve and in a great danger. It makes a great mix for a great story and a wonderful book as this one is.

Reeshanna was one of the few Miracle Mixers qualified to work in the Web’s linear traces. Here is where they give miracles to the linears, who are the humans in the world, to change their futures.

Miracle Mixers are attached by a slim strand of their consciousness to someone in their dimension so nothing can pull them into a linear’s life. On this trip Reeshanna has forgotten to attach herself and when she hops the line she needs to follow she falls into the reality of the linears. Now she is trapped in a line that doesn’t have a defined future and she has gone through the veil of forgetfulness and remembers nothing. Worse yet, her elders don’t know if she did it on purpose, or she was made to fall—which would mean that the shadows black hands have something to do with it

The Miracle Mixer is a great read for late teens and adults alike. They both will find it a great read for the beach or to relieve boredom from a long trip. It is a wonderfully written tale that will make you want much more even after you close its covers.

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