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The Hawken Eye is a delightful book that reads kind of like a Harry Potter, though the tale has nothing to do with the famous wizard. The character of Kimora, one of the threesome that are the main characters in this tale, is very much like that of Hermione in the popular books. In spite of the similarities, I find this story entertaining, interesting, and fun. The descriptions are very well done and it helps to bring the scene to life. This is a great tale that should be on the reading list for all tweens and young adults this summer.

The story starts with Lexigander, an orphan whose friends call him Lexi. He is summoned by a Rippleshank person to come at a precisely certain time and be taken to the Rippleshank Manor where he will spend the summer. Once there he finds another 99 boys and girls. They too will spend their summer in the Manor.

Pretty soon a tween boy, Fitzgerald, makes friends with him and introduces him to Kimora, the know-it-all Asian girl that from then on becomes part of their threesome.

The purpose of the visit to the Manor is to give four tasks to the kids, one at the time. If they pass, they get to stay. If they lose they are sent home immediately. What is the purpose of the tasks? You will have to read the book.

A good editing would help bring out the best in this story and make it sound more like the age group that is targeted in it. Still, I would say that many kids who like the youth wizard should give this book a try, they will find it very much to their liking.

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