The Dragon’s Vision by Sherri Godsey a review

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This tale is an unusual and entertaining story of a world divided by a veil. One side of the veil is bloody and full of battles, dried lands, and shadows. The other is its opposite—green fresh and fruitful. In this part of their world where everyone and everything gets along together wonderfully is a kingdom. In this kingdom there is a king who has a strong willed daughter. In the face of her coming wedding, she sets out to find her husband choice accompanied by her dragon. She has already met the other prospects to her hand and doesn’t like them so she runs away to find her own.

Against the council of both her father and the dragon, she crosses the veil and causes it to tear. Soon, on both sides of the veil things start happening. The king fears disaster and complete annihilation of his peaceful side of the veil, since they know nothing about wars and own no weapons. They aren’t prepared for that which lurks on the other side of the veil.

The princess, meanwhile, kidnaps a captain who turns out to be the wrong person of her choice and brings him to her side of the veil. The dragon refuses to take him back and she is mad that the man is a barbarian with a carnal mind. To the princess’ regret, the king sees the captain as a blessing for their peaceful world. He has great expectations that the barbarian will save them all, while she hopes her father will reject him.

There is explicit sex in this book to explain that things reverse themselves to the point that a warlike man turns into a sex machine. Otherwise, the tale is very original and has lots of details to make it a great reading. However, the same lengthy details make the story drag somewhat and slow it down. I would like to see the details interspersed with the dialogs and much more dialogue in it. This would help move the story along.

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