Daron D. Fraley Speculative Fiction Author’s Interview

Hi Daron! Thanks for being on my blog this week.

So, you write clean adult books…Tell us what’s happening in your life?

I’m just living the dream. How many people get to go to work during the day, then come home at night, take care of a honey-do list, spend time with family, and then lose themselves in front of a computer for hours while they imagine themselves in a different world, battling against evil and ultimately vanquishing all foes? It’s rare, I tell you. Actually, I shouldn’t tell you . . . those other worlds are top secret.

How many books have you released?

I currently have three books out in the wild: The Thorn, my first novel (speculative fiction by genre), Water and Other Stories (a short story collection, emphasis on the short), and now Thirty-Six, my latest book. Thirty-Six is technically a Religious Romantic Suspense. With a Legendary slant.

What is your new book called?

Thirty-Six. Strange title, I know. But it’s based on an ancient Jewish legend called the Lamed Vovniks, or the 36 Hidden Righteous. This project is exciting for me because it will actually be a multi-author series where each of the authors will feature one or more of these Lamed Vovniks as a main character. We plan on releasing several books a year, if possible. Wish us luck!

What inspired you to write this book?

It was actually the legend that sparked the idea. The legend of the Lamed Vovniks tells of 36 righteous people whose merits keep the world from an entire destruction. Their great compassion for their fellowman, and the good deeds that they all do, keeps us from being the destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah were. The Thirty-Six keep us safe. In the book series, it doesn’t hurt that they have ancient holy relics and awesome spiritual gifts to help them.

What is this book about?

From the back of the book:

When Aaron Cohen buys a souvenir from an antiques store in Lyon, France, and then sees the police raid the store right after he leaves, he has no idea that this is only the beginning of his troubles.

Back home in Chicago, Aaron is stalked by an old man from the antiques store. Mandie, a single mother in his apartment complex, has asked that they just be friends, but Aaron can’t help developing strong feelings for her, especially now that she is being harassed by her abusive ex-husband. And in the midst of all his emotional turmoil, the souvenir he purchased turns out to be an ancient holy relic that triggers shared dreams and prophetic visions.

A mysterious dream shared with a jewel smuggler whose arrest makes the nightly news. A nightmare of horrifying tornadoes shared with Ethan, Mandie’s eight-year-old son. A dream shared with Mandie that shows Aaron her true feelings for him.

And visions . . .

Visions of historical events, centuries in the past. Visions of the Lamed Vovniks. Visions of dangerous possibilities to come.

And if Aaron doesn’t get to her in time, Mandie will die.

What’s the first rule in building a fantasy world?

Let there be light? I actually didn’t know there were rules . . . is this a trick question?

It only work if you created a new world. 🙂 If you could inspire one person, who would that person be?

All of my current books carry a certain religious tone in them. They’re not preachy, but they do emphasize one thing:  God exists.  If I could choose to influence or inspire one person, it would be someone who didn’t believe in God, that came away convinced that God does exist, and that God loves them.

Where can we find your books?

Thirty-Six is only available on Amazon at the moment, but that will change as the print edition becomes ready. The other books can be found in most online retailers. The Thorn can even be found in some indie bookstores.

Links for purchase are on both of my websites:

Personal - http://www.daronfraley.com
Series - http://www.lamed-vav.com

Anna, thank you for taking the time to highlight my books!

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