The Rooftop Club, Meet the rooftop Club by Tiffany A. Flowers

A Review for Readers Favorite

This is a quite compelling and yet different kind if book that addresses bullying in schools. It is well put together and will keep the attention of the kids reading it. It is a great tool for parents and teachers to use to talk about this difficult theme. It is a great story to open conversations about this horrible practice. It is well written, has a good pace and the characters are quite believable.

Derek Johnson is a fourth grader who just transferred to Paul Robeson Elementary School. In this school there are three groups: the rooftop club, the kindergarteners, and the crew. The kindergarteners are safe because someone picks them up. The crew beats up everyone else, if they are alone, and the rooftop club is made up of Derek and his three cousins. The cousins have lived in the same place for a good while and now they have to keep Derek from being alone.

All works well until the rooftop club decides to stop the crew from hurting anyone else. They have a plan. Will they make them stop or are they just going to get hurt themselves? In a time when bullying is rampant in many school, this book and series will help to not only stop it but also prevent it. Our children should go to school for their education, not to fear for their lives. This book gives us a very good start against this serious problem. Hopefully parents all over the world will take a stand against bullying.

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