The Butterfly and the Fire Breathing Dragon a review

The Butterfly and the Fire Breathing Dragon is a cute story for young kids, one they will love completely. I enjoyed the story and the great ways it teaches friendship and love. What a great idea for a children’s story, it is personal and to the point. It is great for beginning readers and parents who read to their kids.

Dre is a lonely dragon who is trying to make new friends. This poor dragon lives in a castle and he just wants friends to keep him company. The problem arises when he tries to achieve his desire in the wrong way.

Faith is a beautiful butterfly who lives in a beautiful place with her two sisters. One day she cannot find them and she decides to go on a trip to figure what happened to them no matter the consequences.

Viper is a snake that tries to trick Faith into believing that he knows where her sisters are. The problem is that he has an angle of his own.

Bailey is a rabbit who realizes how naïve Faith is and makes it his job to keep her safe from all the woes that reside in the dark forest.

All these characters come together to teach Dre the right way to get and keep friends.

This tale has cute pictures that will entertain the young listeners. Though I did like the story, it would shine more if it were edited a bit more. Every time the story changes which character is speaking, the new person should be placed on a new line. As it is, it gets confusing and many readers will be turned off by the confusion of not following normal styles.

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