8 Hooks that your readers can’t resist

Well, like I said in the blog before this… A battle scene is fast paced and you can make it a surprise attack or an expected battle. Just remember that you want to hook your readers fast, and not all battle scenes will do it by themselves. You have to make the readers care for the one who is losing and despise those who are winning. (You usually want the good guys to be losing and then have them come back and win at the end. It makes the tale more exciting.)
Then you have to give them a reason to care for who wins and who doesn’t. That is the beauty of a writer’s work… you make it happen.
Some other ideas for hooks follow:
The body was still warm when I entered… (great for spy, detective, and crime books)
In the lightening bolt I could see what followed me… (mystery, detective, or animal books)
As I hung from the last thread over the chasm that threatened to swallowed me… (romance, western, sci-fi books)
Do we have to talk about bodies when I am eating? (detective, FBI, or police stories)
The red eyes trespassed my body… (horror, animal, magic books)
The black shadow sprang toward me… (magic, horror, funny books)
What do you mean… (any contemporary books, war, or romance)
I will not say it again… (contemporary, medieval, western, romance, or war)
See if you can write a paragraph with any of these starting phrases. It will help you practice and give you brand new ideas of your own.
Now go, and happy writings to you…

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