LTUE Military & Military SF / Military Strategies panel

Sherry Taylor reported on two of the LTUE presentations she attended in February. This is a summary of her report to the Oquirrh writers:

Military & Military SF / Military Strategies (The presenters of these two classes were all former or current military personnel. You can easily modify this info to Fantasy.)


*Read military guidelines from around the world. Rules can be different from country to country. In the US Military, it’s against the law to use your ranking to make money, but in other countries, it’s not. Example – you can use the barges to transfer goods for trade to make money.

*Read military history. Every war throughout the world, both past and present, have all been different. Different weapons and strategies. Find examples of what you’re looking for, and there’s your blue print! You can even combine aspects of the wars you choose to make the war you’re writing about your own.

*Find veterans to tell you stories of war times (actual fighting) and off times (not actual fighting). You can find all kinds of humor for off times of fighting.

*Off times (not fighting) consists of four things: training, cleaning weapons, eating and sleeping.

*Have a miss-hap during training time. It relieves boredom.

Movies to watch : “War & Peace” and “Shogun” ORGANIZATION

*Typically the officers – General, Colonel., etc. stay behind the lines. They direct the troops, so they have to stay safe.

*Perfect knowledge for the General allows him to know exactly when and where to go. This rarely happens! *OODA Loop –

Orient yourself to the situation        Observe – gain as much info a possible ï‚· Decision ï‚· Act      While you are doing the OODA Loop, so is the enemy.

*The goal of the General is to DECIDE faster than the enemy. “Getting inside the other’s OODA Loop”

*Too much information makes it difficult to decide which is the top priority and it slows down the OODA Loop.

*It always seems like the enemy is cheating, but if you do the same thing, you’re being creative and thinking outside the box.

*Military officers need to keep removed friendship-wise from the Privates because the officers need to do things that are contrary to human nature. They probably don’t want to be there because they are putting other’s lives in danger. They don’t like it because they WANT to be close to the troops, but they can’t. If they were to get close to the troops, they would much rather put themselves in danger instead of the troops because the soldiers would be their friends. And who in their right mind would put their friends’ lives in danger?

*Romance between officers & enlisted is NOT allowed! It causes all kinds of problems – jealousy, breaking rules, enlisted won’t listen to you or follow orders if they know the officers are breaking rules themselves. EXCELLENT conflicts!!!

*Field commissions never happens. Private to Captain. It only happens to officers moving up. Never enlisted to officer.


*On a siege/attack, make sure the attacking force has the defenders believing you’re coming from one spot, but actually you’re coming from a completely different spot.

*Try to get someone or a small group inside to undermine the walls. Or you could have superior weapons to know down the walls.


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