Military in writing fantasy (continuation)

kinds of warfare-

1. attrition – face to face. Last one standing wins.

2. maneuver – move your people into place before and during shooting. Moving/acting smart.

3. asymmetrical – unbalanced sides.

One side is far superior to the other, but someone with more wits can overcome insurmountable odds. *Logistics is what keeps the troops moving and getting into place – it includes feeding the army.

*Focus on the “tail” (food, enough artillery, etc.), not just the “teeth” (bullets). It’s impossible to have a gun with unlimited supply of bullets. Quote – “Amateurs discuss tactics, Professionals discuss logistics” WEAPONS – ideas & strategies

*Bows & Arrows – bunch up for better shooting strategy.

*Artillery – people scatter

*Lazer guns – have people wear reflective clothing to reflect the lazers.

*Rail guns – electromagnetic – can shoot a projectile without any chemical reaction. Power supply is always a problem. (conflict)

*Guided bullet from machine gun – power supply is always a problem (conflict) – can shoot around corners. – lazer point projects target directly to bullet, allowing it to go around corners, through walls, etc. until it reaches target before exploding.

*Magic can be used in the same way as artillery

*Military personnel are very creative. They are constantly figuring out new ways to do things, save people, etc. LANGUAGE

*Military language will always be rated R, just for the vulgarity. The f-bombs can be used in ANY place in the sentence and it will be correct grammar. They cuss A LOT!

*You will never hear “It’s a good day to die for our country”. Soldiers are willing to do for their buddies, not necessarily for their country, because they know their buddies would die for them.

*Talk to military people to learn their slang. There are slang words for everything.

*Military life to Civilian life is very difficult. You may need to translate – internal conflict

*War sucks and it affects the mind, especially if they have to kill someone.

They ended their presentation with a plea for us to treat military with respect and dignity, even though there is an audience for military bashing. This can also reflect in Fantasy writing, where if you rip on the military, your readers will relate that to your ripping on our military.

The chances of us being called to serve in the military are very small, but these men and women have chosen to put their lives on the line to serve our country. Please show them respect.

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