Victor a novel by Tony Ross

A review for readers

What a ride I had with this exciting and well-paced book. It is a thrilling story of elite assassins, gangs, and clones filled with suspense. I love this story full of chases, twists, and surprises to the very last page. Tony uses a creative way to tell a suspense story to keep you at the edge of your seat to the end.His technique is fantastic, futuristic and, most of all, a great tale that will keep your blood pumping.

Sunlight City is what you and I would consider at free city, in the sense that anything is possible and no one worries much about it. There is corruption, crime, and moral liberties all along the street. Mona Macheski was a scientist employed by the wealthiest and very insane guy who own Sunlight City. Josef Hirigawa believes himself God and, as such, has command of an elite group of assassins. The best of them is Victor and he has awakened Victor with one purpose alone…to kill Mona. She has stolen the very key that will make him and his band eternal. Mona, for her part, has discovered the way to make eternity happen and she knows what Josef wants it for. She will not let him become a God, no not this being who has no remorse nor charity for any human being.

This is a must have book for all lovers of spy and assassin stories. You won’t be disappointed. I recommend it for all readers from young adults to adults alike.

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