Shifted Perspective: Book One of The Tails of Change Series by J. Bridger

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Shifted Perspective is a clean and entertaining tale that will take the reader to a place with shape shifters that are not of the normal kind and many ways to get in trouble. It is a good story, well thought-out, a must for readers of any age. This read is a paranormal story full of werewolves, witches and dogs.

Caleb is a normal young adult who has just started his senior year in high school. That is until he starts to wake up naked in his house and can’t remember how he got there or why.

For Christmas, his mother’s sister invites him and his father to spend it with them in California. The families are somewhat close, especially after his mother up and left one day without a note. The timing is great since Caleb was accepted at the University he wants and that means he needs a lot of money.

His uncle and aunt are a bit eccentric, but they have all the money they want, while Caleb’s father owns a modest little store that survives due to tourism in the summer. His need for money means he will put up with all the weirdness his uncle’s family can ditch out. He just doesn’t know if he will be alive to enjoy the University afterwards.

Shifted Perspective takes a new approach to shape shifting stories that works wonderfully in this tale. I enjoyed the story plot and look forward to the next on the series. It does need some editing to flush out some redundant phrases and move the story faster. It is a great read for pre-teens to adults.

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