The Possibilities of Sainthood
 By: Donna Freitas for

Donna has created a great tale with lots of Italian flavor in its pages. Her characters are believable and easy to relate too. I enjoyed the cover, it is a picture perfect of its content. The story, its characters, and the many saints that Antonia prays to are very real in the protagonist’s life.

Antonia, the main character, is a fifteen-year-old catholic schoolgirl living in the world of today. Like many other girls her age, she spends hours trying to figure out a way that her knee high uniform looks cool, beneath her mother’s strict scrutiny. However, unlike many girls her age, she knows and keeps a diary of a zillion saints and knows who to ask for all the favors she might need, every moment of the day.

She has a crush on a young man from the men’s Catholic school, yet her friend Michael spends a lot of time chasing her. Michael is the flirty type and calls every girl love, which Antonia disapproves of. Nonetheless, the boy she likes doesn’t pay any attention to her, but this is not going to discouraged her.

She is more than sure that every girl in the school has been kissed but her and she is dying to have that experience for herself. Yet, she isn’t going to let it happened with just anyone, specially not with Michael.

Antonia had devotedly written letters to the Vatican suggesting herself as a living Saint, every month for nine years. Each month is for a very important reason. Perhaps it has to do with her father dying in an accident, the month before she started her quest to sainthood. Her widow mother—the best Italian pasta maker in Rhode Island— is in charge of the family business, where Antonia, her mother, and grandmother live. Her mother is taken right out of an Italian Family, with mode-isms and a fiery vocabulary to match her Italian blood. It makes for many entertaining moments.

Her teenage life becomes very exciting when her mother hires the love of her life to work in the family store, and when she goes to a forbidden dance and gets busted. I recommend this book to anyone older than twelve years. Girls will identify with the protagonist and find it fascinatingly fun.

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