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Here we have the most interesting tale of a true miracle in our time. It is the best story of true love and eternal partners I have ever read. It portrays a miracle so special that it will leave you awed and humbled. It is simply a book about a young woman’s faith to make a miracle happen when she needs it most. This is full of commitments never broken, a true inspiration for us all.

Sydney is a shy young woman of seventeen. Her life has been very happy until the day her parents decide to tell her that their divorce has come through. Now they’ll go their separate ways and she will be responsible for herself. She feels betrayed and hurt by their attitude especially since she has believed that their marriage was the epitome of perfection.

At her work in a call center for the transportation company in Australia, she meets a group of packers. With them there is an American who seems to be as quiet as she isHowever she is too hurt to even think of a relationship with anyone.

What is most remarkable is that she keeps herself clean from alcohol and casual sex, the common lifestyle of her co-worker friends. She is teased but never gives in to them. At the end, she has the chance to receive a true miracle as her future husband lies in coma in an American hospital.

Sydney’s song is beautiful, down to earth, touchingly, and moving. It teaches principles to be followed by all people on earth. Ia Uaro gives us a must read for all people, especially young adults. It helps us to see that not all young men and women fall to peer pressure, alcohol nor casual sex. Very nice work.

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