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The book of names

Just as you think that our society is too futuristic, author D. Barkley Briggs spins a great tale of today’s life intermingled with fantasy. If you don’t believe that a regular young man like you could end up in a fantastic adventure and transported to another dimension it is because you have not read this book…

It involves two brothers that moved to a country setting after the death of their mother. The young men are the oldest of four boys with a younger set of twins. The oldest of them is Hadyn Barlow, a boy of fifteen who misses his beautiful mother and tries to not let on. His other three brothers talk about her all the time, but he cannot bring himself to do so.

Hadyn is put to work by his father to clear a brier patch on the new land his parents had dreamed of owning for a long time and that his father had purchased even after their mother was gone. It was in this monotonous and boring job that one day while his brother Ewan, a year younger than him, was helping or more likely getting in his way, that they had a unexpected visit… At first they thought that they were being attacked but then that was absurd… wasn’t it?

After the scare of their lives, their visitors delivered four invitations to the startled youths and disappeared. The boys tried to find the messengers to no avail and turned to open the four containers left behind, but couldn’t make sense of the old parchments. Who were they for? How can they deliver them without addresses? Surely even in this remote monotonous country place everyone knows about e-mails… don’t they?

That was the beginning of this tale that takes you through a portal to another place where the boys discover a world full of life and darkness. After the confusion of where they were and why they where there, they figured out that they are expected to save this strange world from a ruthless enemy that is engulfing it in his malice and darkness.

The shock of expecting two young men to be able to save a world they are not even sure is not a figment of their imagination weighs heavily on their shoulders and soon they find themselves in mortal danger. The journey the two brothers take is full of excitement, twists, magic, and legends; all to keep you guessing and turning the pages. At the end, the young men discover that they too have choices to make and that they have within themselves the power they need to conquer all their fears.

And to wet your appetite, you will find at the end of the book two chapters of the next installment in the legends of Karag Tor… I bet you will want to get your hands on that one as soon as it comes out.

A great tale for teens and those who are young at heart alike. Young men will find the characters very believable and will identify with them in their own lives. A big 5 stars for The Book of Names.

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