The Practical Joke by Elisabeth Lynton a review for readers favorite

Here we have a very inventive Christmas book for elementary age children. It will entertain them and make them wish they too could save Christmas and be heroes for a year. I enjoyed this story and plot and so will your kids. It is a very creative and interesting story of how two kids save Christmas and in the process become a family.

The author


Rebecca’s father married a woman with a younger girl. It has been almost a year since the wedding, but she still feels they are strangers in her family of two. (her dad and her) Right now, all she does gets her in trouble, especially when her dad won’t listen to her. After all, she has a good answer to why things are happening the way they do, around her.


So it’s the night before Christmas, and her dad’s wife daughter Pamela, hears chimes. Rebecca really doesn’t want to pay attention to her, but her strong determination changes when she hears them, too. The two slip out of bed and go to see if Santa is really at their house. When they see the man wearing the bells, he is removing the presents from under the tree, not leaving them. There is not way he is really Santa. Something is very wrong.

Now Rebecca and Pamela have to save Christmas. That will bring them one of two things: either they will become a family or Rebecca will be in a lot of trouble.

This nicely written Christmas tale will give you food for thought, and will help you talk about blended families. It is a good present this Christmas for any elementary school age children, especially those in blended homes.

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