4 stars for Moon Castles By Scott Ferrell, review for readers favorite

Moon Castles is a cute story, mostly narrated throughout the tale. It is a story that will be enjoyed by boy and girls for years to come. This book contains a well-written tale of a boy who dreams that he can build castles of snow. It is a nice story for elementary aged children and their families.

Noah is a boy who loves to see the snowfall because this means he can build moon castles after a heavy winter snowfall. Adela is his older sister. Soon, she too shares his dreams and helps him with his castles. Still though, she soon comes to the realization that she cannot share the magic with her brother. It only works for him, why? They don’t know.

Noah builds the castles in the middle of the night when his family is asleep. They are magnificent pieces of art, until he is transported to the real thing in long ago medieval times. Noah can’t keep it to himself. So he confides in his sister, who helps him with knowledge of the history of the places he is visiting in the past. She would love to be there with him, so tonight they are going to go together in search of a new adventure.

This is a great tale that could only be made greater if it had more dialogue in it. I am afraid that the kids may find it a bit slow. However, it is a good clean entertainment.

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