Murder by Design by Betsy Brannon Green

This is an intriguing tale of a small town in Midway, Georgia. It is beautifully written by a great author. The main character is a young divorced woman by the name of Kennedy. She is a university student that works as the head librarian and also part time in a storage unit, where she lives. Her mother is the sweetest woman and many times too helpful when she takes Kennedy’s time for granted.

Because of her divorce from the sheriff in town, Kennedy is looked upon with contempt by many women in her mother’s circle. This becomes even worse when she refuses to take back Cade, her ex-husband, and plays a part in resolving the case of a murdered person in her town.

When she is sure she has had enough, Kennedy is visited, not only in the middle of the night but also in her bedroom, by an FBY agent she had met in that murder case. He is being hunted himself and needs somewhere to rest for the night and a place to hide some evidence he is carrying.

The next day she is forced to retrieve a case of missing wood from where it is hidden on the side of a barn belonging to the wealthiest and most demanding woman in town.

Investigating the missing wood, she meets a man name Jarrard Dupree who insists on giving her ten of his paintings to be auctioned for the library. That is great but the painting are horrid and everyone wonders why they were stolen. What is even more odd is that mister Dupree is found dead by students who travel close to his trailer.

Things get even worse when the town’s busybody, Miss Ida Jean, tricks her into giving a welcome party for her son who has spent many years in prison.

With her days and night so busy, Kennedy doesn’t have time to see where her relationship with Luke the ex-marine stands.

Murder by Design is a clean read with an interesting tale to entice the avid detective… “Who Done It” readers.  Recommended for readers over twelve.

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