Atlantis VII: Bearer of Fruit by David Speight

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This is a fantasy novel in which the author has creates a new world where people don’t graduate from school until they turn 90 years old. It flows well, although the plot would work better if more action was added.

The story follows a young man, Aedon, who will find out on his graduation day if he is the son of the king. For many years he has been the object of ridicule because of this belief. He is sure that if he has a perfect score on his graduation his father will be proud of him and maybe even love him.

Aedon may be a prince in Atlantis but no one recognizes him, nor his mother’s claim. Long ago, the Highest Prince Lord of the continent doubted his mother’s claim that Prince Gilgamoeh had forced himself on her and that Gilgamoeh was Aedon’s father. Since Gilgamoeh is the Lord’s own son, he hopes the situation will be forgotten with time, if he sends the boy far away, thousands of stadia across the Sahada Ocean to a private educatory.

Now that he is ready to graduate, Aedon’s promise to himself, that when he finishes his studies, his return to Atlantis, will come to pass. He will find his father and prove that he was a worthy son and prince and receive his right place with the royalty.

When at the last exam Aedon rejoins an older friend, Faeraud, who is actually a prince himself, all his dreams may be at an end. The problem with this friendship is that Faeraud is a prince who cares nothing for the rules. He is obsessed with taking the kingdom into his hands and will use anyone who might help get him there. For most of the book he makes Aedon an accomplice to all his brainless ideas…. or are they? Aedon, for his part, is confused and divided between being perfect to get his father’s love or the excitement that his friend’s fancies offer him. His decision may cost him dearly.

It is a good book for Young Adults and older kids, especially if they like futuristic tales.

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