Interview of an LDS Mystery author Loraine Scott

Lorraine, what does your day look like?

My typical writing day is squeezed in between all the other aspects of my life.  Several years ago, I had all the time I wanted to write and gladly, I took advantage of that luxury. Sadly, that time has passed and now, like most women, I shove my precious creative thoughts behind more serious demands. Hopefully, I will soon be back with oodles of time where I can sit for several hours at a time and write away the stories that dwell in my head. Who else but a writer can proudly announce that people speak to them in their minds demanding to be let out. 

So true. Time, we need time … Do you write with music on or off?

If I am alone, I do write with music in the background. I have such a wide variety of likes that it is never the same kind of music. Currently, I am rewriting an old manuscript with lots of romance wrapped around an adventure so I listen to love songs or soft pop. But when I’m coaxing a mystery from my brain, I often listen to big band music from the 1940s.

!940 music? really that is very interesting. What is the name of your books?

My newest books are in order of what I’m working on:

Ailana, Daughter of Samuel the Lamanite

NYC: Monopoly on Murder, A Summer Winter Mystery.

Murder Mysteries, great! What or who inspired you to write this books.

Why did I write these? Hmmm. They are both series books. Ailana is the second in a series because the first—Taya, Daughter of Jacob—is selling well and was received favorably. I have a strong grasp of the Book of Mormon; I can see the stories behind the stories and thought this would be fun to write. I’m simply rewriting this manuscript as I’ve learned so much more about the process since my novice hands first banged out the words on my lap top.

NYC: Monopoly on Murder is the third in my popular Summer Winter mystery series. Summer has a fan base who is anxiously awaiting her next adventure. There is nothing serious or best-seller-ish about this mystery series but they are a good read and enjoyed alike by LDS readers and non-LDS readers. I’m anxious to get back working on this third as the fourth is already swimming in my brain.

I know what you mean. What is the books about?

Ailana is about a twenty-something Lamanite girl who questions her faith. She is the first Ammonite to do so. Leaving the safety of the land of Jershon, she travels to Zarahemla to experience life in the big city. Finding lots of adventures that she knew would disappoint her father, the Lamanite Prophet, she eventually settles down with a Nephite whose family had left their faith many years before he was born. Never fear, Samuel is sent to Zarahemla to call the Nephites to repentance. While on the wall testifying to the crowd, he is unaware that his daughter and her boyfriend are among the throng.  I could tell you more but it would be a real spoiler. Let’s just say it has a happy ending.

NYC: 3, as I refer to it, features our heroine, Summer Winter, a senior missionary serving in New York City—Brooklyn and Queens—to be exact. Elder Winter, a retired LAPD Homicide Detective, and Sister Winter nearly collide with a dead body lying in the street while walking to their car after teaching Institute. The following week, a man stumbles into the church building in East New York and falls into Sister Winter’s open arms. The church building is conveniently located on Atlantic Ave. and the first dead body was found on Marvin Gardens. But when one of their Institute students is suspected of the murders and nearly sent to jail (and not for a visit), Detective Franco DeVaney is called in by the powers-that-be to investigate since this is another murder with “Mormon” overtones. After the third body is discovered, the Winters and Frank team up again to solve this highly complex murder-monopoly which is deep in Real Estate twists, income tax fraud, deportation issues and a ride on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

What genre do your books fall under?

Ailana is definitely LDS young adult/female romance adventure. NYC:3 is LDS cozy mystery.

Cozy mysteries and romance… we love them all. What would your next project be?

My next project will be to release the Winters from their mission and send them home to Pasadena California. That book is partially written and called LA Homecoming: Reunion with Murder. I bet you can guess what it is about.

Where can we find your books?

Currently, the only place all of my books can be found is on-line from Amazon eBooks

Nook eBooks.

The first book, NYC: A Mission to Die For, a Summer Winter Mystery is out of print but is available as an eBook.


The second, NYC: Murder Brooklyn Style, a Summer Winter Mystery is also on-line but can still be purchased as a paperback through my blog.

ammazon link-

I also have a cook book on line which is another subject altogether.

We wished you more time to write and a great future with your books Lorraine. 🙂

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