Ivory Autumn, Author of Young Adult Fantasy

Ivory, when and why did you begin writing? 

I can’t remember the exact date I decided I wanted to be a writer.  Who I am, and what I love to do, reminds me of the movie, “Alice in Wonderland.”  I have always, been “Alice, or a writer” but the more I write, paint, live, and gain experience, the more “Alice, or writer-like” I become.  My mother has always inspired me to write, and to go after my dreams. She would read to me and my siblings almost every night when I was growing up. She read us wonderful classic books that are worth reading, stories that filled our heads full of characters worth emulating.

Also, the messages I would like to share about being an author is to go after your dreams, whatever they are.  I believe that every person on earth has an inherent gift planted inside of them that will enrich themselves and mankind, if they choose to nurture that gift. Just like a sunflower seed is born to become a sunflower—your dreams, and gifts must be giving proper water, sun and nurturing for them to grow and become what they are meant to become.

Alice, that is quite different. What is the title of your book? 

I’ve written three books.

Flotsam, my YA chapter book. It’s a work of fiction inspired by my Grandpa’s WWII POW story, our pet baby deer our family took care of when we were young, and just my own imagination.

The other books I’ve written are the first two installments of my YA fantasy series, Andrew and the Quest of Orion’s belt. The first book is entitled, Rise of the Fallen. And the second book is, The Canvas War.

I’ve written my fantasy series under my pseudonym Ivory Autumn. I’m currently working on the third book, The Shades Trees, and fourth book, The Last Summoning, and I hope to have both of them finished this year. The last book is going to be the best book, at least in my opinion.

Why did you choose a pen name?  Not many do…

I have always wanted a pen name. I thought it would be fun to have one of the main characters in the book be the writer of the book itself.  Also I chose a pen name, because there is something primeval and fun about having a second identity. Also I wanted a name that would evoke an image. Ivory, reminded me of white, and Autumn, reminded me of red leaves.

Please describe your series? What genre would you classify it into?

My series falls into the Young adult epic fantasy genre. It’s the classic tale of good vs. evil. I love that theme.

Epic fantasy, I love it. How did you come up with the idea for the series?

First I wrote the book because I wanted to create something fun, and exciting that I would want to read. A lot of events and experiences in my life gave me ideas for this book. My love for gardening, and the long hours I spent planting flowers with my grandma, who just recently passed away, gave me the idea for Andrew’s ability to grow plants  and flowers on command. I thought growing seeds without having to wait weeks for them to come out of the ground would be very handy.  Also, my sister has a business where she deals in gemstones; that coupled with my imagination, gave me the idea for Orion’s gem fields in the book.

The theme of the stars, and Orion’s belt being stolen, came about from my older brother, who was into astronomy. He would get out his big telescope and stay up late into the night to watch the stars. He would point out the planets and my siblings and I, and let us look through his amazing telescope. The stars have always fascinated me. It makes me feel more grounded when I take a moment to look at the size of God’s creations.  Also the idea behind Andrew’s powerful sword came about from my observations of what is going on in the world today. It seems that many people are taking their freedoms for granted and are willingly giving up their God-given freedoms for the promise of security.  It is my belief that if more good men were willing to stand up for the cause of liberty,  our liberties would not be so easily given away, and the world would not be under the dark shroud that is slowly creeping up on us .

You are so right. Who is you favorite character in the series?

Hmm. My favorite character is Gogindy, the whiskery Twisker who lives in a giant dandelion. He reminds me of myself.  He makes himself out to be very clever, and important, but deep down he is very small, timid, and vulnerable. He tries to be out there and help, but sometimes gets in the way, and his good intentions sometimes get him into a lot trouble. He also likes to sing, dance, and he is also a bit mischievous.  I am a little of all those things. However I don’t live in a giant dandelion.

Dandelion? Well, if you say so. What would you like to say to your readers?

Don’t let anyone define who, or what you want to do with your life. Go after your dreams, be passionate, persistent, and be true the real you. Obstacles are what make you stronger, they make you more of who you are if you choose not to let them stop you.  Once you start to live your dreams it gives permission for others to do the same.  You may think that you’re not unique. But you are. There’s no one on the whole earth just like you.

Here are ways to contact me:

My blog: http://www.thewritinggarden.blogspot.com/

Website: http://www.wix.com/ivoryautumn/thequestoforionsbelt

My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ivory-Autumn/124944024247486

My Goodreads author page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5232626.Ivory_Autumn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Ivory_Autumn

Places to purchase my books:

Flotsam                      http://ning.it/ZsILuf

Rise of the Fallen      http://ning.it/10Gco6L

Canvas War                http://ning.it/10GcgUO

Thank you for interviewing me.  It’s nice to stop and think about why I do what I do.


Stephanie Skeem/aka Ivory Autumn

Best to you, Ivory


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