Out of Time by: Pauline Baird Jones

Out of Time is the story of a twenty-seven year old woman named Mel who works as a television extreme terror factor protagonist reporter. She gets to be with many people whom you and I couldn’t and do extraordinary things that put her life in real danger every time.

Between stunts she lives alone in her childhood home after her grandmother passed away. She loves the old place but it is as un-exciting as her personal life. Before her grandmother died she was doing an album of history about her husband who had died in the war against Hitler. And she feels she should finish it for all the war heroes involved with her grandfather. Mel’s life changes drastically when she gets an envelope with old pictures form that era in which is a woman almost her twin displaying a temporary tattoo, a tattoo she got only days before. That same day at midnight she gets a phone call from the captain of the flying fortress, the Time Machine, her grandfather’s war aircraft. The man who has never come to the survivors’ get-togethers and no one knows why was in the other end of her phone. He asks to see her and she is excited because since the first time she saw his picture as a young child she has had a crush on him. He turns out to be in his eighties and handsome enough to make her heart skip a beat.

This is a great history book for all those who enjoy stories about the war, yet it would appeal to anyone who wants to read a great “back to the past” book. The romance is not heavy in it, but is enough to make you feel for the main character’s plight. The ending is perfect. It is another great work of suspense, coupled with heavy artillery, a German camp and impossible romance.

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