Gift of a Servant by Tamara Amos Illustrated by David W. Luebbert

This children’s Christmas book has beautiful and colorful pictures throughout the pages. It will become a favorite for Christian parents who are worried that their children will forget Christ in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It closely follows the Christian belief that Santa is a beloved servant sent by our Lord Christ to tell the children never to forget His loves for us. The story is great entertainment and a learning tool for children of all ages, without being preachy or pushy at all.

The story is that of a father who sits by the window on Christmas eve meditating on how people have forgotten what Christmas is all about. In his frustration, he blames Santa Claus for this abomination and is willing to wait for the man in red to tell him off. Quietly, Santa hears his accusations, and then lovingly he shows him how he became Santa. In this vision, the worried father sees Christ gathering the children to him and then He on the cross on Calvary being worried for them. He needs a servant, someone who will remind the children how much He loves them.

This is truly a beautiful story to be loved by children and parents alike. The author does a great job of taking this subject and making it so simple and special. It is a must for any Christian home and people throughout the world. This children’s story is very well done at the appropriate age level. It will soon become a favorite for many readers throughout the world. Hopefully it will be translated to Spanish so many children in that language can enjoy its message and its beauty.

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