January Exposure by Sunny Benson

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Sunny presents a pretty good, fun murder/mystery tale that is a real page-turner. I enjoyed this story from the beginning to the end. This book belongs to the Ellie Craven series. This is a fast paced detective aficionado tale. The book contains everything to make it a fun, interesting read. All of the secrets, murder, broken hearts, and snooping are what make this a great book. Sunny uses a fresh way to make an old detective story new.

The story is of Ellie Craven’s niece, Carmen, a girl of nine. Ellie starts to work with her set of deduction genes when her niece disappears, her brother-in-law starts deserting his family and has an unhealthy fetish about furniture.

With so many secrets and twists, Ellie is getting a pounding headache. Her family expects her to find Carmen. Her sister is having a breakdown and her grandfather is playing a senile game at his rest home. Her mother wants her to fix everything and keep her cool on top of it all. But what can she do when a divorce case turns to murder and kidnapping? Will she be able to figure out everything before her niece gets sacked? Or is this a case she can’t handle?

This is an uplifting tale even when you find betrayal, love, and murder between its pages. Ellie is a fun girl to follow, and her dysfunctional family adds to the flavor of the book. This is executed by a well done plot and characters that could make this book become a favorite in many homes. It is best suited for late teens to adults, because of some swearing and the colorful jokes in it.

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