Kaylen’s Rising Tomes of Taria – Book 1 By Yves Robichaud

This is quite a story for lovers of fantasy and elves. They will surely enjoy the trip through its pages. I really enjoyed the trip myself. It conveys a new, completely refreshing twist to elf tales.

Kaylen is fourteen and he has never been out of his yard. He knows not why, but his parents refuse to discuss it. When finally he is allowed to go to school, he discovers many mysteries surrounding his parents. The least of all is that he is limited to studying music, while all his schoolmates do weapons, magic and healing.

Thanks his music professor, he finds out that he is a summoner and he can summon skeletons that will answer his every wish. But when he uses his power to save his parents from certain death, they turn against him and he runs away.

Humans are at war with the elfs and have pushed them to live in caves. There the humans try to eliminate them altogether. It’s hard to see this happening to his people, yet Kaylen finds a way to help them with his particular talent.

This is a great first attempt at a fantasy story. It is perfect for preteens and young adults.

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